8 Steps of Water Purification

The first step in water purification is to remove sediment and ikgrand other contaminants from water before it enters the purification system. The next step is to add oxygen to the water using ozonation. This process involves using a high-voltage machine to create ozone which kills microbes on contact. After several minutes, the water will be sterile again.

Tap water contains a variety cfcnet of microorganisms that can cause illness and even lead to a boil water advisory. There are several methods for removing bacteria and parasites from water, including using a portable water filter. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and add a disinfectant to kill todayposting bacteria and viruses.

After filtration, the hyves remaining contaminants and microorganisms are killed by disinfectants. The disinfected water then flows through pipes to homes. Depending on the quality of raw water, the water may have a high mineral content, which can damage piping and machinery. This is why corrosion and scale control is an important part of the water treatment process.

After boiling, water needs disinfection to eliminate pathogenic newscircles microorganisms. Chlorine is one of the most common disinfectants used today. This gas or liquid is relatively cheap and is very effective at killing microorganisms. A residual amount of chlorine remains in the water until it reaches the consumer.

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