Obleas Ingredients

Obleas are small, round and slightly browned cookies, popular in Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, and Venezuela. These delicious, flaky desserts are traditionally served with caramel. They can also be filled with jam, cream, or fresh fruit. Obleas ingredients vary depending on the type of obleas you are trying to make.

To make obleas, first prepare the sugar and milk in a large pot. Continue stirring the mixture continuously, using a wooden spoon (a metal spoon may crystallize the mixture). Once the milk has thickened and turned a light brown color, it is ready. Let it cool before serving. Once cool, spread the mixture onto your oblea.

You can also fill your obleas with caramel and top it with another oblea. If you prefer, you can make obleas in a faster way by using condensed milk. To make obleas with condensed milk, simply place the can of milk in a large saucepan. Add water to cover the can. Heat the mixture for 2 1/2 hours.

The ingredients used in making obleas are similar to those used in waffles in Europe. The main difference is the addition of sugar and eggs. These treats are typically sold as street food, and often have toppings such as caramel or ice cream. A famous rockstar, Mick Jagger, enjoyed obleas during his Latin American tour.

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