Obleas Receita

Whether you’re looking for a delicious dessert or a snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, a Colombian obleas receta is sure to please! This savory and sweet treat is made with wheat flour and eggs. You can also add butter, sugar, or milk if you prefer. Mix the ingredients until the dough is smooth and runny. Stir well to prevent lumps. Serve the obleas with your favorite toppings.

Among the many famous Colombian dishes, obleas are one of the most popular. These light brown round wafers are commonly topped with Colombian caramel spread and a variety of toppings. These are enjoyed across Colombia and even in other Latin American countries, including Venezuela.

If you want to make obleas at home, try these tips: First, make sure your sarten is heat-resistant and anti-adherent. Next, center the oblea on the masa. Finally, cover it with a finisima capa of masa. Repeat this process several times until the masa is gone.

Obleas are traditionally eaten cold or hot. I often make them for special occasions. They can be bought already made or homemade. The best way to serve them is with a side of chocolate.

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